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Anime Filter Online - Photo to Anime Converter

Use the input area above to submit an image, and it'll output the image in a "painted" style. All processing is done on your device - your image is not uploaded to a server - it never leaves your web browser. Make sure your images have good lighting and aren't blurry. Here are some example photo-to-anime/painting conversions created with this tool:

You've probably heard of anime-style filters on Snapchat, Tiktok, and elsewhere (most are "selfie to anime" but there are some more general "photo to anime" converters). This filter produces a more painterly and realistic style compared to others. I called the site "AnimeFilter" because it'll eventually have a collection of converters that are all centered around anime-like styles, but not strictly anime (e.g. cartoon/"toonify" and Disney styles). They'll all be online, free and easy to use so that turning yourself into a painted/anime/cartoon character will be as easy as dropping a selfie and waiting a few seconds.

If you came here looking for an AI anime generator, then check out ←that site instead.


If you have feedback, you can share it with me here. If you find another photo-to-anime/toon/etc. converter that you'd like me to add, please share details using that link and I'll see if I can add it (assuming it's using a publicly available AI model).

This converter is based on the original Hugging Face web demo, created by @ak92501 using the AI model created by @bryandlee, which uses training techniques developed by Xin Chen. I created this site so that users can convert their image to an anime/cartoon style without uploading their images to a server - it's completely free. The conversion process is done in your browser (using your device's CPU/GPU) so your images remain private.

Have fun! :)